Gasoline Engine Oil Additives

Chempol’s Gasoline Engine Oil Additives deliver maximum protection and performance to your gasoline-powered vehicle oil. Our formulations combat friction, neutralize harmful deposits and boost oxidation resistance for extended oil life. Experience smoother engine operation, enhanced fuel efficiency, and long-lasting wear protection. Optimize your gasoline engine oil lifespan and ensure consistent performance – choose Chempol’s expertly crafted gasoline engine oil additives.

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Gasoline Engine Oil Additives Manufacturers In UAE: Continue Reliability And Performance

Gasoline engine oil additives maintain the performance and longevity of internal engine combustions. These specialised compounds are designed to enhance the properties of engine oils, providing additional protection to oil and optimise engine performance. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), several reputable manufacturers of oil additives cater to the diverse needs of vehicle owners and automotive industries.

Popular Items in the Gasoline Engine Oil Additives Category

When it comes to the best oil additives for diesel engines, several popular items are worth mentioning. Because of their efficiency and capacity to improve engine performance, these products have attracted a lot of attention. Take a look at the following examples from ChemPol:

  1. Fuel System Cleaner: these powerful additive clean fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. These are responsible for reducing carbon deposits and improving fuel efficiency.
  2. Engine Flush: These additives are designed to remove harmful sludge and deposits from the engine oil. Thus, they promote smoother oil operation and extend the engine’s lifespan.
  3. Oil Stabilizer: This additive helps reduce oil consumption, minimises friction and wear, and provides extra protection during extreme operating conditions.
  4. Octane Booster: By increasing the octane rating of gasoline, this additive enhances engine performance, reduces knocking, and improves combustion efficiency.
  5. Anti-Friction Treatment: Formulated to reduce friction and wear between moving engine parts, this additive improves fuel economy and extends engine life.

Chempol’s products of Gasoline Engine Oil Additives:

When it comes to high-quality gasoline auto engine oil additives, one can explore the wide range of options available with ChemPol’s. Here are a few popular items worth highlighting:

CHEMPOL 61458 Optimum Protection for TGDI.

ICHEMPOL 61458, our advanced additive technology, is designed to surpass the performance requirements of the latest engine specifications and cater to the demands of modern turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI) engines. These engines put more strain on lubricants and demand enhanced performance.

Dosage Recommendations (Amount to Use):

  • For API SP-RC and ILSAC GF-6A performance levels:
    • SAE Viscosity Grades: 0W-20, 0W-30, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30
    • Recommended Dosage: 8% (based on weight)
  • For API SP-RC performance level:
    • S.A.E. Viscosity Grades: 5W-40, 10W-40
    • Recommended Dosage: 8% (based on weight)

Key Characteristics:

  1. Specific Gravity at 15.6°C: This measures the density of the additive, which is 0.965, and indicates its weight compared to water.
  2. Viscosity at 100°C: It refers to how thick or thin the additive is at high temperatures. The value is 95, which indicates that its optimal performance in maintaining consistent lubrication is being taken care of.
  3. Flash Point (COC): This is the high temperature at which the additive can explode. CHEMPOL 61458 has a flash point of at least 180°C, which confirms safety during use.
  4. Total Base Number (TBN): TBN determines the additive’s capability to neutralise acidic elements in the engine. CHEMPOL 61458 has a TBN of 93, which is excellent acid-neutralizing expertise.
  5. Zinc, Phosphorus, Molybdenum, Magnesium, Calcium, and Nitrogen are important for lubrication and engine protection. Our 61458 includes specific amounts of these factors and makes sure of high engine performance and longevity.

CHEMPOL 61145- Gasoline & Diesel Engine Oil Additives

CHEMPOL 61145, our advanced additive proficiency, meets the latest industry requirements and provisions while providing cost-effective solutions for your engine oils. This additive is created to boost the performance and protection of your engine oil in various applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Deposit Control: CHEMPOL 61145 confines special additives that actually control deposits, keep your engine oil clean and let the car run smoothly.
  • Oil Oxidation Resistance: The additive technology controls oil oxidation, prevents the oil from breaking down, and increases lifespan.
  • Wear and Rust Control: Our additive makes sure excellent wear and rust control and gives the power to oil to protect the essential engine components, which leads to extending engine parts life.
  • Improved Viscosity Index: CHEMPOL 61145 helps maintain regular lubrication across a wide range of temperatures by improving the viscosity index of engine oils.
  • Increased Engine Life: The additives provide excellent wear protection to lubricants during engine start-up and help to extend engine life and reliability.
  • Reduced Oil Consumption: With CHEMPOL 61145, you can expect reduced oil consumption; CHEMPOL 61145 is a powerful engine oil additive. It delivers three key benefits:
  • Extended Oil Life: Because of the unique chemistry involved, the breakdown of oil is slowed down, which allows you to go longer between oil changes and saves you money.
  • Friction Reduction: With the help of this technique, your engine will have an extremely slippery coating, which will reduce wear and efficiency and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Thermal Stability: CHEMPOL 61145 is able to function even when temperatures are high, thereby preserving your engine from being subjected to excessive loads.
  • Dosage: Use 8.9% (by weight) of CHEMPOL 61145 when formulating engine oils. Base oils can be Group I, II, III, or synthetic. This dosage ensures your oil meets API SN/CF and ILSAC GF-5 specifications.

Technical Details

  • Density (15°C): 0.958
  • Viscosity (100°C): 135
  • Flash Point (COC): Minimum of 180°C
  • Total Base Number (TBN): TBN measures the additive’s ability to neutralise acidic components in the engine. CHEMPOL 61145 has a TBN of 95, indicating excellent acid-neutralizing capabilities.
  • Zinc, Phosphorus, Molybdenum, Magnesium, Calcium, Nitrogen, and Boron are important for engine protection and lubrication. CHEMPOL 61145 contains specific amounts of these elements, ensuring superior engine performance and longevity.

CHEMPOL 63011: Your Cost-Effective PCMO Solution

This additive package is designed to create passenger car motor oils to meet API SN/SM/SL specs. It’s especially powerful when combined with Group II and III base stocks. Dosage is simple:

  • API SN: 7.6%
  • API SM: 7.28%
  • API SL: 7.0%

Key Characteristics of CHEMPOL 63011:

  • Density (15°C): 0.946
  • Viscosity (100°C): 105 – Maintains ideal thickness at operating temperature for optimal lubrication.
  • Flash Point (COC): Minimum of 140°C – Ensures safe handling.
  • Total Base Number (TBN): 103 – Powerful acid neutralisation means longer engine life.
  • Key Elements: Contains carefully controlled amounts of zinc, phosphorus, molybdenum, sulfated ash, calcium, and nitrogen. These elements are crucial for wear protection, lubrication, and meeting industry standards.

CHEMPOL 66025: The Performance Booster Your Engine Oil Needs

CHEMPOL 66025 is a powerful additive that is designed for both standard engine oil and 4T motorcycle oils. It contains high-quality calcium sulfonate and other special additives to protect your engine. This means it reduces wear, has better corrosion resistance, and even maintains performance in extremely warm weather conditions.

Dosage: Here’s the recommended percentage of CHEMPOL 66025 to use (by weight) based on your desired oil performance level:

  • API SL: 5.6%
  • API SJ: 4.6%
  • API SG: 4.0%
  • API SF: 3.8%

Key Characteristics of CHEMPOL 66025:

  • Density (15°C): 0.946 (This tells you how heavy the additive is compared to water).
  • Viscosity (100°C): 105 (Indicates the thickness at engine operating temperature and indicates good lubrication system).
  • Flash Point (COC): Minimum of 140°C (This shows the temperature at which it might ignite, which is important for safety).
  • Total Base Number (TBN): 103 (Measures its ability to neutralise acids in the engine, which protects it for longer).
  • Elemental Content: CHEMPOL 66025 contains carefully controlled amounts of zinc, phosphorus, molybdenum, sulfated ash, calcium, and nitrogen. These elements are crucial for wear protection, lubrication, and meeting industry standards.

CHEMPOL 6225 Passenger Car & Diesel Engine Oil Additive

This advanced additive package is designed specifically for passenger car engine oils. It’s both powerful and cost-effective, letting you create oils that meet a wide range of API specs.

Dosage: CHEMPOL 6225 is flexible! Use the following percentages (by weight) to achieve the desired API performance level:

Mono grade:

  • API SF/CF: 4.7%
  • API SF/CD: 4.7%
  • API SF/CC: 4.7%
  • API SE/CD: 4.3%
  • API SE/CC: 4.0%
  • API SD/CC: 3.5%
  • API SC/CC: 3.0%
  • API SB/CB: The dosage is not specified.


  • API SF/CF: 4.9%
  • API SF/CD: 4.7%
  • API SF/CC: 4.7%
  • API SE/CD: 4.5%
  • API SE/CC: 4.3%
  • API SD/CC: 3.8%
  • API SC/CC: 3.3%
  • API SB/CB: Dosage not specified

Key Characteristics:

  • Appearance: Dark brown, viscous liquid – easy to identify and mix into your formulations.
  • Density (15.6°C): Specific gravity of 1.02.
  • Flash Point (PMCC): 140°C – ensures safe handling and storage.
  • Viscosity (100°C): 120 cSt – maintains optimal thickness even at high engine temperatures.
  • Total Base Number (TBN): 116 – powerfully neutralises engine acids for longer engine life.
  • Key Elements: Contains carefully controlled amounts of calcium (3.8%), zinc (2.07%), and phosphorus (1.88%). These are essential for engine protection and lubrication.

CHEMPOL 5288: Your Solution for Premium Motorcycle Oils

This advanced additive package is designed specifically for 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils. With CHEMPOL 5288, you can create oils that meet JASO T903:2011 standards, even the JASO MA2 friction spec, for top-tier clutch performance. It works with a wide range of base stocks that allow you to achieve high-quality levels from SN to SJ. This means simplified product lines, better logistics, and cost savings. Air-cooled or liquid-cooled engines – CHEMPOL 5288 delivers the protection your customers demand.

Dosage Recommendation (WT%):

  • JASO MA/MA2, API SN: Recommended dosage of 10.1% for 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-40, and 20W-50 viscosity grades.

Typical Characteristics:

  • Appearance: CHEMPOL 5288 is a dark brown viscous liquid, easily identifiable for integration into your motorcycle engine oil formulation.
  • Specific Gravity 15.6°C: With a specific gravity of 0.975, CHEMPOL 5288 exhibits the appropriate density compared to water.
  • Flash Point (COC): The flash point of CHEMPOL 5288 is a minimum of 140°C, ensuring stability and safe handling during oil production and motorcycle use.
  • Viscosity 100°C: CHEMPOL 5288 has a viscosity of 64 cSt at 100°C and provides optimal lubrication and protection for your motorcycle’s engine.
  • Total Base Number (TBN): The TBN of CHEMPOL 5288 is 83, and indicates its ability to neutralise acidic components and extend the life of your engine.
  • Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen: These elements play essential roles in engine protection and performance. CHEMPOL 5288 contains specific percentages of calcium (2.35%), zinc (1.05%), phosphorus (0.96%), and nitrogen (0.68%).

CHEMPOL 5025: The Two-Stroke Additive You Need

This low-ash additive is designed specifically for modern two-stroke engines. It exceeds performance requirements and meets JASO FC, Global GC/GD, and TISI standards.

Dosage Recommendation (WT%):

  • For API TC, JASO FC, Global GC, and TIS.I performance levels: Recommended dosage of 5.0% by weight.
  • For the proposed Global GD performance level, a recommended dosage of 7.5% by weight is recommended.

Key Features of CHEMPOL 5025:

  • Powerful Cleaning: This additive keeps your two-stroke engine spotless, preventing harmful deposits.
  • Superior Protection: CHEMPOL 5025 fights piston seizing, ring sticking, and clogged exhausts – this means a longer-lasting, better-performing engine.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works with a variety of base stocks for easy formulation.
  • Meets Multiple Specs: From API TA to Global GD, CHEMPOL 5025 simplifies your product development and reduces complexity.

Key Characteristics of CHEMPOL 5025:

  • Appearance: Dark brown, viscous liquid – easy to identify during blending.
  • Density (15.6°C): Specific gravity of 0.925.
  • Flash Point (PMCC): 155°C – ensures safe handling and storage.
  • Viscosity (100°C): 190 cSt – maintains optimal thickness even at high engine temperatures.
  • Total Base Number (TBN): 41 – powerfully neutralises engine acids for longer engine life.
  • Calcium Content: This contains 0.53% calcium, which contributes to its overall performance.

Choose the Right Gasoline Engine Oil Additive

Choosing between additives can be tricky! Here’s what to look at:

  • Performance: How well does the additive control deposits, fight wear, and resist breakdown? This has to match the type of engine oil you use and how hard you run the engine.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the additive is designed for your oil – conventional, synthetic, or whatever your engine needs.
  • Reviews: What are other users saying? This can give you clues about real-world performance.
  • Price: Cost matters, but don’t choose based on price alone. A cheap additive that ruins your engine is no bargain!

Reviews and Testimonials:

Since I use Chempol Engine Oil Additive, my customers rave about smoother engines and better mileage. This means more sales and happier customers! – John D., Lubricant Distributor

CHEMPOL 5288 protects our heavy equipment engine oils. Customers love the longer equipment life and lower maintenance bills. It’s been great for our business! – Abraham M., Industrial Lubricant Supplier

Our engine oils were losing oil pressure and leaking. Chempol oil additives turned things around. Customers notice the difference and specifically ask for our oil– it drives sales! – Eric, Fleet Maintenance Manager, California.

Tips for Using Gasoline Engine Oil Additives:

  • Always follow the instructions on the additive! This covers how much to use and how to mix it in.
  • Change your oil and additives as recommended by the vehicle maker.
  • Which additive is right? An expert mechanic or your car’s manual can help.

Additives are a powerful tool to protect your engine! From viscosity improvers to anti-wear additives, they enhance performance and extend your car’s life. UAE manufacturers offer a wide variety of quality additives so you can find the perfect solution for your vehicle.

CHEMPOL the Leading Manufacturer of Gasoline Engine Oil Additives

Engine oil additive manufacturers aren’t just alchemists of performance; they’re reliability champions.  They understand the demands of the UAE’s scorching sun and dusty roads, formulating additives that endure, delivering unwavering protection mile after mile.

So, when you choose Gasoline Engine Oil Additives from the UAE, you choose excellence. You choose a legacy of smooth rides, unwavering power, and engines that move confidently.

We have an ‌unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in additives that keep engines in the UAE running powerfully.

What exactly do engine oil additives do?

Additives are like performance boosters for your engine oil! They add extra features to your regular oil, like better cleaning power, protection against wear, and even smoother running in older engines.

Do I really need additives in my engine oil?

Modern engine oils are good, but additives can make them even better. They’re worth considering in oil if you want maximum protection, especially for older cars or high-mileage vehicles.

Can additives damage my engine?

Reputable additives, when used correctly, won’t harm your engine. Always follow the instructions and choose oil with added additives for your specific type of engine.

Are additives a waste of money for engine oils?

It depends. Additives aren’t magic potions that fix a neglected engine. The oil and grease manufacturers need to look for additives that can solve the problem of older engines. However, when used wisely, they can prevent costly repairs down the road and keep your car running better for longer.

Will additives improve gas mileage?

Some additives can slightly improve fuel economy by keeping your engine clean and reducing friction. Don’t expect miracles, but a small increase is possible.

Can we just add any additives to our oil?

No! Additives are designed for specific types of oil and engines. The use of the wrong one could cause problems. Always check engine compatibility before adding them to your designed lubricants.

How often should we use engine oil additives?

This depends on the additive. Some are added with every oil change, while others are meant as a one-time treatment. Always check the instructions on the product.

Are there different additives for older and newer engines?

Yes! Older engines may benefit from additives that reduce wear and seal leaks. Newer engines might focus on cleaning additives or friction modifiers for better efficiency.

Can we mix multiple additives at once?

Generally, this isn’t a good idea. Additives interact in unexpected ways. It’s safer to stick to one well-chosen additive at a time.

Where can we find reliable information about oil additives?

It’s always smart to research before connecting with the additives manufacturers. Look for credible websites of additive manufacturers, lubricant specialists, or independent testing organizations.



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