Core Values

Integrated Legacy And Core Values

Our three core values – Quality, Commitment, and Trust – drive everything we do. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality lubricant raw material and services while maintaining our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

At Chempol, we are committed to delivering exceptional results to our customers. We believe that our success is driven by our ability to inspire loyalty and trust through a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Since our inception in 2008, our ambition is to become a

  • A leading global chemical company with a strong reputation for delivering value, innovation, and technological solutions.
  • Investing in meaningful customer value propositions, and combining them with innovative product development and technical solutions.

We are driven to double our manufacturing, marketing, and sales capabilities, and to expand our reach to new markets. Our vision is to develop a strong branded network of chemical lubricants that will be recognised worldwide for their quality, endurance, and passion.

Our workforce is the heart of our success. We are committed to nurturing the passion of our employees, growing their talents, and providing them with the tools to deliver results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

At Chempol, we believe that social responsibility is critical to our success. We are dedicated to supporting and contributing to the well-being of society and the world at large.


We produce quality products to meet market demands. Our products exceed the latest industry standards. All products are subjected to strict audit procedures to ensure consistent high quality.


At our company, we are committed to providing products and services that consistently outperform the competition in terms of durability and longevity. Our dedication to excellence is unwavering.


Our brand is synonymous with a winning mentality that sets us apart. We pride ourselves on our genuine commitment to flexibility and going the extra mile for our people, products, and customers.