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CHEMPOL 8013 Diesel & Gasoline Engine Oil Additive Package


This product is formulated with detergent, ashless dispersant, anti-friction agent and complex antioxidant. It has good high-temperature detergency, low-temperature dispersancy, antioxidation &corrosion inhibition and antiwear property. The specially selected magnesium salt, molybdenum salt and high molecular weight boronized ashless dispersant in this product form a high temperature and pressure-resistant lubricating protection film, which provides excellent protection to engines running at high temperature, high speed and heavy-duty conditions. With good compatibility with Group II, Group Ill and synthetic oil, it is a high-quality engine oil additive package.


Dosage Recommended (WT%)

Performance level Dosage (WT%)
      Mono                       Multi
CI-4, CH-4/SL         –                                12.0
CF-4/SL        –                                7.5
CF-4/SJ       6.0                              6.2
CD/SF       4.6                              4.8

Typical Characteristics:

Property Method Value
Appearance Visual Brownish red clear liquid
Density (20°C), kg/m3 ASTM D4052 950-1050
Flash point (COC), °C ASTM D92 ≥180
Kinematic Viscosity (100°C), ASTM D445 105-150
Phosphorus, wt% ASTM D5185 ≥0.95
Zinc, wt% ASTM D5185 1.03
Calcium. wt% ASTM D5185 ≥3.0
TBN, mg KOH/g ASTM D2896 ≥110

Product Packaging

Bulk, Drum.

Handling/ Precaution

When handling this product a MAXIMUM temperature of 60°C should be observed for storage, unloading and blending. However, it is strongly recommended that for long-term storage the temperature should not exceed 50°C. For detailed data, please refer to the relevant MSDS.