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CHEMPOL 6225 Passanger Car & Diesel Engine Oil Additive


CHEMPOL 6225 additive is a passenger car engine oil package that utilizes a core technology, which allows full rationalization to the more classical API performance specifications.


Dosage Recommended (WT%)

CHEMPOL 6225 additive has been developed to give efficient and economical treat rates to permit the manufacture of oils ranging in quality levels from API SF/CF to SB/CB.

API Performance Levels Monograde WT% Multigrade WT%
SF/CF 4.7 4.9
SF/CD 4.7 4.7
SF/CC 4.7 4.7
SE/CD 4.3 4.5
SE/CC 4.0 4.3
SD/CC 3.5 3.8
SC/CC 3.0 3.3
SB/CB 2.0 2.2

Typical Characteristics

Property Method Value
Appearance Visual Dark Brown Viscous Liquid
Specific gravity @15.6 °C, g/ml ASTM D 4052 1.02
Flash Point (PMCC), °C ASTM D 93 140
Viscosity @100 °C, cSt ASTM D 445 120
Total Base Number, mg KOH/g ASTM D 2896 116
Calcium, wt% ASTM D 5185 3.8
Zinc, wt% ASTM D 5185 2.07
Phosphorus, wt% ASTM D 5185 1.88

Product Packaging

Bulk, Drum.

Handling/ Precaution

When handling this product a MAXIMUM temperature of 60°C should be observed for storage, unloading and blending. However, it is strongly recommended that for long-term storage the temperature should not exceed 50°C. For detailed data, please refer to the relevant MSDS.