Chempol Products

CHEMPOL 63011 Gasoline Engine Oil Additives


CHEMPOL CHEMPOL 63011 is a PCMO additive package which has been designed to deliver cost-effective API SN/SM/SL. When blended with Group II & Ill base stocks and appropriate viscosity modifiers the performance claims as shown below can be made:


Dosage Recommended (WT%)

Performance level Dosage (WT%)
API SN 7.6
API SM 7.28
API SL 7.0

Typical Characteristics

Property Method Value
Density@150°C ASTM D 4052 0.946
Viscosity@100°C, cst ASTM D 445 105
Flash Point (COC), °C ASTM D 92 140 Minimum
Total Base Nurntm mg KOH/g ASTM D 2896 103
Zinc, wt% ASTM D 5185 1.08
Phosphorus, wt% ASTM D 5185 0.98
Molybdenum, wt% ASTM D 5185 0.21
Sulfated Ash wt% ASTM D 874 11.85
Calcium, wt% ASTM D 5185 2.82
Nitrogen, wt% ASTM D 5291 0.90

Product Packaging

Bulk, Drum.

Handling/ Precaution

When handling this product a MAXIMUM temperature of 60 °C should be observed for storage, unloading and blending. However, it is strongly recommended that for long-term storage the temperature should not exceed 50 °C. For detailed data, please refer to the relevant MSDS.