Chempol Products

CHEMPOL P25 Ethylene – Propylene – Copolymer

A solid highly stable pellet form co-polymer with narrow molecular weight distribution, intended for
use as a Viscosity Modifier in mineral oil based automotive crankcase lubricants and industrial lubri –
cants. Its excellent low temperature properties and high thickening power make it suitable for a wide
range of applications.


Dissolving Method & Viscosity levels

10% of CHEMPOL P25 in Base Oil SN500 produces a Viscosity of 1900 – 2000cst @ 100°C.
11.5% of CHEMPOL P25 in Base Oil SN 150 produces a Viscosity of 1800 – 1900 Cst @ 100°C.
It is generally recommended to make Liquid VI with SN150 Base Oil for better low pour point
while formulating Motor Oils. The index of the oil will be increased based on the grade
of the oil used.

Dissolving time
Approx. 3 -6 hours @ 120°C.

Safety, Handling and Storage
Wear a suitable dust masks & gloves when handling polymers. Avoid storing pellet type polymers
>30 °C for prolonged periods and avoid direct sunlight.

Available in Packed in 25 kg bags