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CHEMPOL P20 OCP Viscosity Index Improver – OCP-Olefin Co-polymer

A solid, pellet form, highly stable olefin co-polymer with narrow molecular weight distribution, intended for use as viscosity index improver (V II) in mineral oil based automotive crank case lubricants.


Property Value
Appearance White pellets
Density (g/cc), ASTM D4052 0.86
Kinematic Viscosity 10% SN150/100(cst), ASTM D445 1800
Pour Point 1% SN150 + 0.3% PPD (°C), ASTM 97 -24
Shear Stability Index (SSI), ASTM D6002 35
Ash Content (%), ASTM D1416 <0.1
Volatiles (%), ASTM D1416 <0.1


  • Pellet form
  • High thickening power
  • Good viscosity index improver (VII)
  • Very good pour point characteristics

Typical Applications

Designed to be used as a viscosity index improver (VII) and viscosity modifier/thickener in mineral oil-based automotive crankcase lubricants and industrial lubricants.

VI Improver OCP-Olefin Co-polymer Packaging

Available in 25kg bag


Polymers should be dissolved under high agitation in oil at 100°C – 160°C for 3-6 hours until all solids have been dissolved. Treat rates of 6-10% will be required depending upon the viscosity grade required and the base oil used. Use with suitable PPD. Consult the CHEMPOL technical department for specific recommendations.

Safety, Handling and Storage

Wear a suitable dust mask & gloves when handling polymers. Avoid storing pellet-type polymers >30°C for prolonged periods, and avoid direct sunlight.