Chempol Products

CHEMPOL G – Tallow (Fatty Acid/Animal Fat)

Tallow based products have a wide variety of functions. This product is used as a lubricity additive in greases and lubricants. It works as a humectant, emollient, gelling agent, flotation aid, release aid and is often used as a chemical intermediate and processing aid.



Typical Characteristics

Parameters Value
Acid Value (mgKoH/gm) 200 – 208
Iodine Value g12 / 100g 40 – 62
Titer °C 38 – 45
Saponification Value , Min 200
Composition % :C8,C10,C12,Cl6,Cl8-1,C18-2 & C18-3 <0.5,<0.5,<1.5,2,25,20,43,5 & 1