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Grease – Clay (Bentonite Clay)

Bentonite Clay/ powder used as a non-soap thickener in manufacturing of greases. Organophilic clay thickeners include the minerals bentonite. These minerals are purified to remove any non-clay material, ground to the desired particle size distribution, and then chemically treated to make the particles organophilic (more compatible with organic chemicals). Bentonite Clay particles are then dispersed in a fluid lubricant to form grease. Clay particles must be activated with a polar material to stabilize the thickener structure. No chemical reaction takes place in the production of clay thickened greases. Clay thickeners have no defined melting point, so they have been used historically in high-temperature greases.



Typical Characteristics

Parameters Value
Appearance Powder
Moisture, % Max 3
Loss On Ignition (LOI) % 28 – 33