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Chempol 8108 Diesel Engine Oil Additive


CHEMPOL 8108 is a performance additive package for formulating premium quality diesel engine oils. Used at the recommended treat rate in combination with approved base stocks and viscosity modifiers, CHEMPOL 8108 provides engine oils meeting API CK-4 & CJ-4


Dosage Recommended (WT%)

Dosage Recommended (WT%) Dosage (WT%)
Performance level
CK-4 13.6
CJ-4 13.2

Typical Characteristics

Property Value Method
Appearance Brownish Red Clear Liquid Visual
Density (20 °C) , kg/m3 950-1050 ASTM 04052
Flash point ,  °C ≥180 ASTM 092
Kinematic Viscosity (10000, mm2/s 100-130 ASTM 0445
Phosphorus, wt% 0.83 ASTM 05185
Zinc, wt% 0.92 ASTM 05185
Calcium, wt% 1.54 ASTM 05185
Boron, wt% 0.06 ASTM D4951
Molybdenum, wt% 0.075 ASTM D5185
Sulfur, wt% 2.5-2.8 ASTM 04294
TBN, mg KOH/g, 74 ASTM 02896


Product Packaging

Bulk. Drum.

Handling/ Precaution

Please observe the US DOT standard and the MSDS of this product when storing, shipping, handling and using this product. It is nonflammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. The highest storage temperature Shall not exceed 75 °C. For long-term Storage, the highest temperature shall not be more than 45 °C. For product details of safety, health and environmental precautions, please refer to the MSDS of this product.