Chempol Products

CHEMPOL 7601 Tractor Oil Additive

CHEMPOL 7601 additive is a rationalized additive system for the formulation of STOUS meeting the requirements of all tractor


Recommended Dosage:

The recommended dosage for CHEM POL 7 60 l additive is 13.0 %wt to meet all of the latest tractor requirements . At 11.5 %wt, CHEMPOL 7601 additive can be used to provide an economic STOUS meeting the basic needs of the market .


  • Wear and Friction control suitable for all transmissions, including power shift transmission covered by Ford 134-D.
  • Diesel engine performance up to and including AP/ CF-4 .
  • Gear protection for hypoid axles, which have completed break-in.