Chempol Products

CHEMPOL 5555 Pour Point Despressants

Shear-Stable Point Depressants for use in engine oils, hydraulic fluids and gear oils.



Recommended Dosage:

Advanced technology tailored to provide robust low-temperature solutions across a broad range of lubricants. Particularly effective in formulations using catalytically dewaxed base stocks and higher ethylene content OCP   viscosity modifier . Conventional pour point depressants particularly effective in lubricants formulated with solvent-refined base stocks .

Typically addition rates are 0.1 % wt to 0.3 % by wt. Higher treat rates – for example, 0.5 % wt to 1 .0 % by wt – may  be required for SAE 80W-90 gear oils.


CHEMPOL 5555 is a viscous concentrate to polyalkyl methacrylate in highly refined neutral oil.