Engine Oil Additive Packages

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Chempol’s Engine Oil Additive Packages is a Solution for Lubricant Manufacturers

Chempol’s diesel engine oil additive packages provide solutions for lubricant manufacturers. Formulated by chemical experts, these additives enhance oil performance and exchange oils’ capability to protect engine parts from wear and tear while ensuring the smooth working of automobiles. Chempol empowers its customers to deliver reliable, high-quality lubrication to their products by optimising key properties like viscosity and friction reduction.

The auto engine oil additives introduce a new approach to protecting surfaces, especially within engines and transmissions. They use a special lubricant blend containing just a trace amount of phosphorus for anti-wear and a carefully chosen magnesium-based compound. This unique combination delivers exceptional wear reduction, even surpassing what traditional phosphorus-heavy lubricants can achieve.

Magnesium compounds, often magnesium sulfonate, protect metal surfaces. Its high alkalinity neutralises acidic byproducts that can cause wear, keeping engine parts running smoothly. Significantly, this approach minimises reliance on phosphorus, a crucial step towards environmentally friendly lubricants.

Chempol’s additive packages empower lubricant manufacturers to formulate high-performance oils for exceptional engine protection and stability.

Major Additives That Are The Key Players

The core of an engine oil additive package can be broadly categorised into four main subgroups:

1- Detergents and Dispersants: 

These are the cleaning crew, constantly scrubbing and suspending dirt and grime inside your engine. They prevent sludge and varnish build-up, ensuring smooth operation and longer engine life.

2- Anti-Wear Additives: 

These act like tiny shields, forming a microscopic film on metal surfaces. This film reduces friction and wear, protecting your engine from premature damage. Popular anti-wear additives like ZDDPs, however, need careful use due to environmental concerns.

3- Viscosity Modifiers: 

Viscosity index improvers, often abbreviated as VIIs, are a crucial class of lubricant additives. They act as viscosity modifiers, dynamically adjusting the oil’s resistance to flow based on temperature. This provides performance across the engine’s operating range.

VII stops oil from excessive thickening at low temperatures. Traditional base oils without additives become sluggish in the cold, delaying the cold start of the engine. VII counters this problem and enables a smooth flow and efficient lubrication when the engine starts.

Besides the cold start, VII prevents excessive thinning at high temperatures. In high temperatures, like in the UAE, naturally thin base oil reduces its ability to maintain a protective film on the lubricated surface. So, VII also helps oil in high temperatures to maintain its thick film and lubrication under demanding operating conditions.

4- Oxidation Inhibitors: 

Oxidation is a natural process that degrades lubricants over time, reducing their effectiveness and generating harmful acids. This can lead to increased friction, wear, and corrosion in engines.

Oxidation inhibitors, as their name suggests, are additives designed to slow down this detrimental process. They work by scavenging free radicals, highly reactive molecules that initiate and accelerate oxidation. By neutralising these free radicals, oxidation inhibitors significantly extend the lifespan of the lubricant and protect engine components from acidic byproducts.

Formulation Challenges

Formulating the ideal engine oil additive package poses several significant challenges:

  • Compatibility: Individual additives must not interact negatively with each other or the base oil, which can lead to reduced performance or unwanted side effects. Careful selection and testing are crucial to ensure compatibility and synergy.
  • Synergy: While some additives work in harmony, others can negate each other’s effects. Understanding these intricate interactions is paramount for rightful formulation.
  • Environmental Considerations: zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDPs)., while effective, raise environmental concerns due to their phosphorus content. Finding alternative anti-wear solutions with lower environmental impact is a continuous pursuit.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Balancing performance enhancement with cost constraints is a constant tug of war. Formulating the most effective package within budgetary limitations is a crucial skill.

Diesel Engine Oil Additives

CHEMPOL 8108 Diesel Engine Oil Additives

Technical Analysis

Chempol 8108 packs a punch for diesel engine protection. You only need to add a small amount, 13.6% of the total oil volume, to meet the stringent API CK-4 performance standards. A 13.2% dosage suffices for API CJ-4 compliance for slightly less demanding conditions. This high potency indicates a well-designed formula that delivers significant benefits with minimal oil dilution.

Speaking of its composition, Chempol 8108 additives boast several key characteristics. Its brownish-red, clear liquid form seamlessly blends with base oils, ensuring smooth mixing and efficient delivery of its protective arsenal. The density falls within the expected range for engine oil, and the flash point comfortably exceeds safety requirements for handling and storage.

Its ingredients are a carefully balanced blend of elements crucial for engine health. Phosphorus and zinc form the core of its anti-wear defence, slightly exceeding the API CJ-4 limit but staying well below the CK-4 threshold, offering exceptional protection while adhering to modern regulations. Calcium weighs 1.54 and works as a detergent and dispersant, keeping engine parts clean and free of sludge build-up. Boron and molybdenum give further support, enhancing wear resistance and reducing friction. Sulfur 2.5-2.8 contributes to extreme pressure properties under demanding conditions.

Finally, a high Total Base Number (TBN) of 74 mg KOH/g reveals Chempol 8108’s exceptional ability to neutralise acidic byproducts formed during engine operation. This robust alkalinity safeguards against corrosive wear and keeps the oil performing optimally throughout its lifespan. All these above properties make it the best oil additive for diesel engines.

CHEMPOL 7182 Diesel Engine Oil Additive

It’s like a performance booster for your diesel engine. Chempol 7182 is a shot of energy for your hardworking diesel engine. It blends with your oil to open hidden power and resilience, thus helping your oil keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently, mile after mile.

How Much to Use:

Add 9% of Chempol 7182 to your diesel engine oil mix for the best results. It’s like adding the perfect amount to enhance the performance without devastating it.

What Its Properties!

  • Appearance: It’s an amber-coloured, oily liquid, a bit like honey, but with superpowers for your engine.
  • Specific Gravity: Slightly heavier than water, it clings to engine parts with oil.
  • Flash Point: High enough to resist burning, even in the hottest engines.
  • Viscosity: it helps oil flow at different temperatures, making your engine stay lubricated in all conditions.

Key Ingredients:

  • Calcium: Strengthens the oil film for extra wear protection.
  • Zinc: Fights friction and wear, keeping your engine parts moving freely.
  • Phosphorus: Another wear protector that works alongside zinc to protect your engine.
  • Total Base Number: Measures its ability to neutralise harmful acids, keeping your engine clean and healthy.

Chempol 7182 is a professional-grade additive designed for expert oil blending. Always follow the recommended guidelines of engine oil additive manufacturers and safety measures when handling it.

Chempol 7235 Heavy Duty Engine Oil Additive

CHEMPOL 7235 is a special ingredient for high-quality engine oil for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses. It meets or surpasses the strict standards set by several organisations and manufacturers, ensuring top performance and protection for your engine.

Here’s what makes CHEMPOL 7235 special:

API CJ-4/CI-4+/CI-4/CF/SM: These are performance levels defined by the American Petroleum Institute, guaranteeing excellent wear protection, fuel efficiency, and cleanliness for modern diesel engines.

ACEA E7: This European standard ensures compatibility with emission control systems in modern engines, helping to reduce pollution.

Cummins 20081, Mack EO-O Premium Plus 07, Caterpillar ECF-3, DDC PGOS93K218, Volvo VDS-4, Navistar, DHD-1, JASO DH-2: These are additional specifications set by individual engine manufacturers, guaranteeing compatibility with their specific engines and needs.

This special ingredient only works its magic when mixed with specific types of base oils in a specific way. So, for the best results, it’s important to consult with a Chempol representative about the exact oils and proportions needed for your engine.

Gasoline Engine Oil Additives

CHEMPOL 5025 Two–Stroke Additive Package

CHEMPOL 5025 is a special protector for two-stroke engine oils, making them cleaner and more protective. It’s a low-ash additive, meaning it burns away almost completely, leaving minimal residue. This helps keep your engine cleaner and running smoother.

CHEMPOL 5025 meets the latest standards for two-stroke oil performance, including JASO FC, Global GC/GD, and Thailand’s T.I.S.I. standards. You can be sure it’s up-to-date and effective.

The amount you need to use depends on what level of performance you want. For essential protection, like API TC and JASO FC standards, just 5% of your oil needs this product. If you want even more protection, like the proposed Global GD level, you can add a bit more, up to 7.5%.

So, what does CHEMPOL 5025 do for your engine? It’s like a triple power:

  • Strong cleaning power keeps your engine parts clean by preventing dirt and build-up, like grime and sludge.
  • it gives an extra protection. It shields your engine from problems like pistons getting stuck, rings not working correctly, deposits forming inside, and exhaust clogging.
  • Works with different oils. It’s flexible and can be used with various types of base oils in your two-stroke engine.

CHEMPOL 5025 helps your engine stay clean, run smoothly, and avoid common problems.

CHEMPOL 61145 Gasoline & Diesel Engine Oil Additives

Chempol 61145 is an additives package that is designed to keep your car’s engine oil healthy. It meets all the latest standards, like ILSAC GF-5, API SN/CF, and even the tough new GM dexos1 requirement. That means it’s up-to-date and effective for both gasoline and diesel engines.

Each characteristic has a specific job:

  1. These additives clean your engine by preventing dirt and build-up of grime and sludge. No more gunk slowing things down!
  2. They protect your engine from wear and tear like pistons getting stuck or rings not working properly. They also fight rust, helping your engine oil to perform well.
  3. They make sure everything runs smoothly by reducing friction between moving parts. This allows your engine to run quieter and more efficiently, leading to less oil consumption and longer life.
  4. The product keeps your oil to work well at all temperatures, even during cold starts. This helps your engine get the protection it needs right from the moment you turn it on.

Chempol 61145 is a multi-talented additive that keeps your engine oil clean, protected, and running smoothly, helping it last longer and perform at its best.

Chempol Engine Oil Additives Gives Performance and Longevity to Your Lubricants

Chempol offers a range of engine oil additives designed for optimal oil performance and its capability to give long-lasting protection to the engine. Whether you manufacture oils for tow-stroke motorbike engines, 4-stroke engine oil, or gasoline engine oils, there’s a Chempol formula specifically formulated for your needs.

These additives help boost engine performance, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce wear and tear. This translates to a smoother running engine, extended engine life, and less time spent at the mechanic.

Trusted by lubricant industry leaders, Chempol additives are a reliable way to protect your investment and keep your engine running strong. Experience the difference for yourself and see why Chempol is the choice for leading lubricant manufacturers who demand the best for their vehicle oils.

What are engine oil additive packages?

They are nanoparticles that elevate your engine oil from good to great. These carefully formulated mixtures contain various additives that enhance performance, protect components, and prolong the life of your engine.

What benefits do Additive packages offer?

There are as many perks as the types of engines they protect.

  • Boost performance: less friction, better fuel economy, and finding secret power are all things that additive packages can do.
  • Improve wear protection: Protect against damage, which will make the engine last longer.
  • Keep deposits in check: Keep your engine clean and stop the mess from building up.
  • Get the best viscosity: Make sure the oil flows appropriately no matter what the weather is like, from cold mornings to hot afternoons.
  • Meets certain needs: Made to work with various engine types, driving styles, and API levels.

What are the Chempol diesel engine oil additives’ performance and benefits?

Chempol has a decade of knowledge in manufacturing high-tech additives. We offer

  • Unbeatable performance that can’t be challenged. Our high-quality additives give your engine oils a real benefit.
  • We offer multiple products for different engine oils. These are customised solutions because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We make formulas that are specific to your needs and demands.
  • Each of our engine oil additives goes through detailed and satisfactory testing to make sure they work well and are safe for multiple engines.

How can I pick the best package of engine oil additives?

It depends on your engine type, how you drive, and the performance you want. We at Chempol are here to help you! Get in touch with us to talk about your needs and find the best additive package for your engine.

Are engine oil additives safe?

Chempol’s additives are safe and effective as long as they are used the right way and according to the directions. Always follow the safety rules and dosage directions that are given.

Remember that engine oil additive packages are very useful tools, and picking the right one can improve the health and performance of your engine. Help you get the most out of your engine by working with Chempol.

What are diesel engine oil additives?

Diesel engine oil additives are concentrated formulas that enhance specific properties like wear protection, cleanliness, and viscosity when mixed with base oil. Think of them as specialized helpers that boost your engine oil’s performance.

Which Chempol diesel engine oil additive is suitable for use?

Several factors influence the best choice, including your engine type, operating conditions, desired performance level, and budget. For guidance, consult Chempol’s technical team or refer to their product datasheets.

Are Chempol diesel engine oil additives safe for my engine?

Chempol additives are safe for most engines if used as directed. Always follow the recommended dosage and consult your engine manufacturer’s handbook for compatibility information.

Are there any downsides to using diesel engine oil additives?

While uncommon, some potential downsides exist, like increased oil cost and, occasionally, incompatibility with specific base oils. Always research and choose the suitable additive for your specific needs.



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