Chempol Products

CHEMPOL 9018M Two Package Marine Additive


TPMAS benefits:

A) Only two packages to blend all Marine Lubricants .

  • CHEMPOL 9424M .
  • CHEMPOL 9012MM.

B) Complete line of Marine Engine Lubricants Blended from these two packages.

  • System Oil (SO).
  • Trunk Piston Engine Oil (TPEO).
  • Marine Cylinder Lubricants (MCL).

C) Proven Performance In:

a) Several Bose Stocks

  • Both solvent refined and hydrocrocked.
  • Middle East base stocks.

b) Different Engines Services

  •  Power Plants.
  • Vessels. Car carriers, Crude Oil Tankers.
  • Wide range of marine makes and models.

D) Four-Stroke Engines

  • TPEO
  1. Lubricates both the cylinder and the
  2. Cleaning and cooling down ports, minimize
    deposit formation, neutralization of acidic
    by-products. protection against wear.
  3. Total base Number (TBN) from 10 to 40 mg

E) Two-Stroke Engines

  • MCL
  1. Lubrication piston area only.
  2. Neutralization of acidic by-products to protect against corrosive wear.
  3. Total base Number (TBN) 50, 70, 80 and l00 mg KOH/g .
  • SO
  1. Lubricates lower colder parts : crankcase,running gear .
  2. Protection against water pollution and its  effects :rust hydrolysis.
  3. Total base Number (TBN) 5 to 7 mg KOH/g.

F) TPEO Performance Requirements

  • Lubricants and cool crankshaft,connecting roads,piston.
  • Control piston deposit and ring sticking.
  • Control sludge and varnish
  • Provide alklanity to neutralize combustion acids.
  • Provide good filterability and water shedability.
  • Protect against scuffing.

G) Requirements MCL Performance

  • Neutralize sulfur acids.
  • Protect against scuffing .
  • Maintain good film strength for:
  1. Load carrying.
  2. Control blow-by.
  • Control deposits:
  1. At piston ring belt and parts.
  2. By burning cleanly(once-through lubricant).

H) SO Performance Requirement.

  • Provide oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
  • Provide rust control.
  • Provide good filterability and water shedability.
  • Provide sufficient alkalinity : detergency and dispersant.
  • Provide load carrying and anti-wear properties.