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Chempol 9012M Marine Diesel Cylinder Lubricant Oil Additive

CHEMPOL 9012 M has been developed to formulate high quality Marine Diesel Cylinder Lubricants (MDCL) in a cross-head engines burning high sulfur residual fuels.

It may be also used as TBN booster to formulate high TBN lubricants for Four Strokes Engines.


Recommended Dosage?
Treat Rates %wt          Performance

20.0                                 For 50 TBN oils in suitable basestocks.

27.8                                 For 70 TBN oils in suitable basetocks.

31.6                                 For 80 TBN oils in suitable basestocks.

39.5                                 For 100 TBN oils in suitable basestocks.

Typical Characteristics




Appearance Visual Dark brown viscous liquid
ASTM Colour ASTM D 6045 6.8
 Specific gravity @15 .6 °C,g/ml ASTM D 4052 1.10
Flash Point,PMCC,°C ASTM D 93 190
Viscosity @ 100°C,cSt ASTM D 445 100
Total base number, mg KOH/g ASTM D 2896 260
Calcium,%wt ASTM D 5185 9.2
Zinc,%wt ASTMD5185 0.05
Phosphorous,%wt ASTMD5185 0.02