Chempol Products

CHEMPOL 4155 Automotive Transmission Fluid Additive


At the recommended treat rate of 8.5 mass % using appropriate Group II base stock, CHEMPOL 4155 produces an automatic transmission fluid suitable for use in most GM and Ford applications, all Allison C4 applications, and any other application calling for use of DIIIH/M quality ATF. CHEMPOL 4155 is based on a performance package that was licensed for GM and Ford DIIIH/M applications, along with Allison C4 applications.


Typical Characteristics

Property Value Unit Method
Boron 670 ppm ASTM D4951
Density @ 15 °C 912 kg/m3 ASTM D4052
Flash Point °C 170 °C ASTM D93
Viscosity @ 100 °C 270 cSt ASTM D 445
Nitrogen 0.98 %(m) ASTM D5291
Phosphorous 0.18 %(m) ASTM D5185

Handling/ Precaution

Follow precautions normally taken for handling lube oil stocks. This product is temperature-sensitive. Do not heat over the maximum loading/unloading temperature to avoid possible release of extremely odorous alkyl mercaptans and/or toxic hydrogen sulfide. For detailed data please refer to the relevant MSDS.