Exceptional Solubility and stability of Chempol’s Gasoline Engine Oil Additives

Have you ever stopped to ponder what makes your lubricants stand apart in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving market? 

What if we tell you the answer lies not just in the lubricant itself but in something much smaller yet enormously powerful? 

Enter the game-changing world of Gasoline Engine Oil Additives.

From the shimmering highways of New York to the winding roads of the Alps, vehicles face a myriad of challenges. 

It’s not just about ensuring that the engines roar to life every morning but also ensuring that they perform at their peak, day in and day out. 

The heart of this outstanding performance? The Alchemy of oil additives for gasoline engines.

The Underlying Alchemy: What’s Stirring Inside?


So, what makes these additives idols in your lubricant formulations? At a microscopic level, these additives play multiple roles to make you successful. They’re like the orchestra’s conductor, ensuring that every note hits the correct pitch.

Protection Against Wear and Tear: 

It’s a brutal world inside the engine—metal grinding on metal, immense heat, and relentless pressure. But, with a suitable additive, this metal-on-metal contact is minimized. Imagine a protective shield, warding off any adversarial elements, ensuring your engine remains pristine and untouched.

Keep it Clean: 

Beyond just protection, these additives also act as the engine’s housekeeper. They prevent sludge formation and keep deposits at bay. The result? An engine that’s as clean as the day it left the factory.

Temperature Tolerance: 

Engines can get blazing hot or chillingly cold. The right additives ensures that the auto engine oil remains fluid, no matter the temperature. It’s like giving your engine a thermal jacket in winter and a cooling fan in the heat.

Why Does Your Business Need This Elixir?


But why should you, a key player in the automotive lubricant business, be interested? Why are these additives not just good but essential for your formulations?

Have you ever noticed how customers have become increasingly discerning? They’re no longer just looking for lubricants; they’re seeking solutions. Solutions that ensure their engines remain young, no matter how old the car gets. Solutions that promise reliability, efficiency, and longevity.

In this backdrop, can you afford to offer anything but the best?

Adapting to the Beat of New Technologies

Today’s engines are not what they were a decade ago. They’re smarter, more efficient, and more demanding. They’re designed to meet the challenges of tomorrow. So, shouldn’t the lubricants that go into them be futuristic, too?

With Gasoline Engine Oil Additives, you’re not just keeping pace with the present; you’re one step ahead, anticipating the needs of next-generation engines. They bridge the gap between the engines of today and the innovations of tomorrow.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It.

Success stories? We’ve got plenty. Renowned automotive brands have experienced firsthand the magic that these additives bring. Their verdict? Unparalleled performance, unmatched protection, and an engine that feels brand new every single time.

Ask yourself: In a market swamped with choices, why will a customer pick your lubricant? The answer lies in the potent power of these additives. 

The Road Ahead

So, as you sit there, poised to make decisions that will steer the future of your brand, ask yourself: Are you merely meeting expectations, or are you setting the gold standard?

The world of Oil Additives is not just about chemicals and formulations. It’s about crafting experiences, ensuring that every time a customer chooses your product, they’re not just buying a lubricant; they’re investing in peace of mind.

In the world of automotive lubricants, where the race to the top is relentless, Gasoline Engine Oil Additives is the turbocharge your brand needs. Ready to power the future?

Chempol Additive Give Exceptional Powers To Lubricants


Hailing from UAE, Chempol stands as a beacon of excellence in the domain of lubricant and specialized chemicals. Their expansive portfolio of gasoline engine oil additives is tailor-made to fortify the attributes of base oils, rendering them fit for the challenges posed by contemporary engines and rigorous conditions.

Delving into Chempol’s impressive lineup of best gasoline engine oil additives:


CHEMPOL 6225 stands as a meticulously crafted additive explicitly tailored for passenger cars. Its design emphasizes cost-efficiency, offering optimized treatment rates that enhance the lubricant’s performance. This additive is versatile, making it ideal for oils with a wide range of quality levels, from the rigorous standards of API SF/CD to the more general requirements of SB/CB. Through this, CHEMPOL 6225 ensures both affordability and superior engine protection for automobile owners.


CHEMPOL 6226: A versatile additive blend suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. It stands out for its remarkable detergency, dispersancy, and protection against wear, oxidation, and corrosion.


CHEMPOL 6264: Meeting the specifications of API SL/CF and ACEA A3/B3/E2, this additive package for gasoline and diesel engines excels in ensuring engine cleanliness, wear resistance, oxidation stability, and fuel efficiency.


CHEMPOL 6300: Primarily a gasoline engine oil additive, it offers efficacious treatment rates ideal for oils from API SF/CD to SB/CB levels. When paired with CHEMPOL 9310, it acts as a performance booster, meeting higher standards like API SG/CD and the stringent demands of API SJ/CF/SL/SM.


CHEMPOL 6360: Crafted for passenger cars, this additive adheres to the standards of API SN/CF and ACEA A3/B4. Noteworthy for its protection against engine wear, build-up, oxidation, and corrosion, it also augments fuel efficiency and optimizes cold start functionalities.


CHEMPOL 6378, meticulously designed for gasoline engines, embodies the pinnacle of additive technology. Meeting the stringent criteria of API SN/CF and ILSAC GF-5, it excels in safeguarding engine cleanliness and ensuring robust defense against wear. Its superior oxidation stability prolongs engine life. Moreover, its unique formulation not only promotes enhanced fuel efficiency but also aids in significantly reducing emissions, playing a pivotal role in eco-friendly engine operation.


CHEMPOL 6637: This passenger car additive package adheres to the benchmarks of API SN/CF and ACEA A3/B4. Its standout features include unparalleled defense against engine wear, deposit formations, and oxidation. Additionally, it bolsters fuel economy and ensures smoother cold starts.


CHEMPOL 7755 stands out as a specialized additive, predominantly for diesel engines. Complying with the exacting standards of API CI-4/SL and ACEA E7/E5/E3/B4/B3/A3, this additive encapsulates advanced engineering. Its dominant features encompass exceptional detergency, ensuring a cleaner engine, and outstanding dispersancy to prevent deposit build-up. 

Furthermore, its commitment to preserving engine components is evident through its robust wear resistance. The additive also offers formidable protection against oxidation, extending the oil’s lifespan, and its anti-foaming characteristics ensure consistent lubrication without unnecessary air entrapment, thus optimizing engine performance.

By integrating Chempol’s additives into your product lineup, you’re not just enhancing the quality of your offerings but also promising unparalleled performance to the end-users.