Chempol Products

Chempol Glycols

CHEMPOL GLYCOLS are clear, low-volatility, mobile liquid with a very faint, mild odour. It is miscible with many common solvents, e.g. aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, glycols, glycol ethers and water. Butyl glycol may form peroxides if it comes into contact with atmospheric oxygen



  • A low-volatility solvent component in various paint systems to improve gloss and levelling
  • An additive for metal degreasers and floor cleaners etc.
  • A co-solvent for printing inks, stamp-pad inks, writing and drawing inks
  • Additive for brake fluids. (Note: Butyl glycol can cause seals to swell if added in large amounts)
  • An intermediate in the manufacture of plasticizers
  • An ingredient for cutting oils

Technical Properties

Parameters BDGE BTG
Pt/Co color value, Maxt 10 50
Density @ 20 °C (g/cm3) 0.952-0.956 0.990 – 0.998
Viscosity @ 20 °C (mPa•s) NA 10-11
Boiling range °C 228-232 265 – 350
Refractive index n20D 1.431-1.433 1.440 — 1.442
Evaporation rate, Approx. 3500 8000
Flash point °C NA 131
Ignition temperature °C NA 202
Water %,max 0.1 0.1

Storage & Handling

CHEMPOL GLYCOLS should be stored under nitrogen. The storage temperature must not exceed 40 °C and moisture is excluded. Under these conditions, a storage stability of minimum 12 months can be expected.