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CHEMPOL 5530 Viscosity Improver (Solid Form)


Chempol 5530 is Olefin Co-Polymer (OCP) Viscosity Improver (VI) in solid form for formulating monograde and
multigrade crankcase and various industrial lubricants. Chempol 5530 has medium Shear Stability when blend- ed with suitable base oils. Treat rates depend upon application and performance requirements.


Synthetic Olefin Co-Polymer OCP.
Chemical Name: Ethylene Propylene Co-Polymer


CHEMPOL 5530 Viscosity Improver (Solid Form)


High thickening power
Good oxidative stability
Excellent shear stability
Good viscosity index improver (VII)
Superior low temperature behaviour.


Cardboard packaging of 800 kg containing 40 Bags (1000X1200X h2090 mm)

Storage, Handling & Toxicity

Store in vented, dry area at temperatures between 20 °C and 30°C; no direct sunlight
Shelf life: 9 months