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CHEMPOL 4146 Automotive Transmission Fluid Additive

CHEMPOL 4146 is a complete additive package used for formulating top quality ATF oils. CHEMPOL 4146 additive  has been specifically designed to formulate oils to gain approvals against General Motors DEXRON IIIE ® and  Ford’s MERCON® specifications in solvent refined Middle East base stocks .


Recommended Dosage:

The recommended dosage for CHEMPOL 4146 additive is 13 %wt with suitable low viscosity base stocks to give the  viscometrics and overall performance required for ATF application.


Oils containing CHEMPOL 4146 additive at 13 %wt are designed for use in applications previously satisfied by DEXRON IIIE® and MERCON® specifications which allowed Brookfield values up to 20,000 cP max at -40 °C. Additional performance requirements which can be achieved include :

  • Allison C – 4.
  • Caterpillar TO – 2.
  • Hagglunds Denison HF – 0.